10 mistaken opinions about skin care

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Even the most enlightened persons tend to misbelieve. Let’s put the things right. Everything that you will read further – remember yourself and tell your friends – it’s more effective to break harmful stereotypes together.

Skin care mistaken opinions

“The more products you use, the more efficient and faster they work”

But is it really so? Excessive and wasteful use will soon lead you to a beautician, than to a brilliant result. Any product containing potent substances, in case of excessive use, can cause skin irritation. The most common active substances, which are qualified to smooth the skin and deal with wrinkles, are vitamin C, retinol and glycolic acid. As well, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide belong to active ingredients, they parch the pimples. Such products should be applied in doses and dotted – only on the places where it’s really needed. For example, when using retinol cream, only one (!) drop is enough.

 “All and everyone needs to use tonic”

But is it really so? 90% of women can quite happily neglect it. Why do you need a tonic? It is necessary to control the excessive secretion of sebum, in the simplest terms, to make the skin not shine. In fact, many simply need to properly clean the skin every morning and make a cleansing mask once a week.

Perhaps you will have a question, what kind of dirt remains on the cotton pad after clearing with the lotion. It is not the dirt but the normal amount of fat which darkens on contact with air and cleaning mixture. So tonic is necessary only if your skin is very oily and is predisposed to the appearance of pimples. If this is your case, try products containing salicylic acid.

“The more different means with SPF you apply, the stronger protection you have.”

But is it really so? Do you think that your day cream has SPF 30, make-up foundation – 15, and powder – 10, and then adding all these numbers, you get 55? No, it is not so. Unfortunately, the protection is considered according to the highest indicator. In our example it constitutes 30 units.

“Lip gloss builds up a tolerance and dryness”

But is it really so? Perhaps your lips do not feel very comfortable without a lip gloss and you do not mind to put it again and again. But this is not dependence! You just like a certain state of your lips – moist and soft, they look so attractive! But the reason of dryness and exfoliation can be your habit to smack your lips. You do not even notice how you do it, because the gloss is so fragrant and delicious. If you want to avoid that, just stop for a while to use it. Apply a cream with cortisone or oil your lips with Vaseline for a week. Then pass to a balsam that contains the same Vaseline, glycerine or mineral oil – it will not irritate and quickly erase.

“You should always use a cream for eye contour”

But is it really so? Undoubtedly, the skin in this area is thinner, more delicate and requires more care. But this does not mean that only special products are suitable in this case. If your face cream moistens well and does not contain any fragrances, you can use it for the skin around the eyes with a clear conscience, following elementary precautions (apply the cream without touching the mobile eyelid).

Bear in mind, the day cream with natural solar filter (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) irritates the skin less than the cream with chemical filters (avobenzone and oxybenzone). Gently apply the cream with fingertips (best of all with the ring finger), in order to not damage the thin skin.

“You will not see the results if you do not use the entire line of a certain brand”

But is it really so? – Your task is to find the most suitable products for you. The fact is that each brand for you personally may be strong in only one thing – moistening, cleansing, and so on. In order to find this out, there are testers! Do not neglect them. Try and look for what is right namely for you.

“Only mascara is quickly spoiled”

But is it really so? Are you sure that the night cream that has recently celebrated its second anniversary is still nice? We want to “cheer” you: there is nothing useful in it anymore. Over time, the active ingredients lose their properties and stop working. But worse is that the old cosmetic is the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. Remember the rule: do not store products for skin care for over a year. And carefully look at the packaging: the period of storage of some products is 6, 12, 15 months after opening. To control this, note on calendar the days, when you open a new jar.

Be careful: consider not only the period of storage, but also the conditions of storage. Creams stay longer “active” when they are stored in a dark, cool and dry place (bathroom and refrigerator are not the best choices), with the tightly closed lid. And you should not get the cream with the fingers! There are special spatulas for this.

“Pimples appear because of chocolate and greasy food”

But is it really so? Relax and enjoy the delicacy. Pizza or candies have nothing that would facilitate this process. (Well, if you distribute pizza on your face, and not once, maybe, the pimples will appear). However sushi, soy sauce and shellfish cause eruptions, as they contain large amounts of iodine – known provocateur.

“Wrinkles appear only on dry skin”

But is it really so? Then the problem would was solved by simple moisturizers. The main cause of aging is the reduced collagen production. The sun accelerates this process. If you want to preserve youth, use anti-wrinkle cream with SPF and antioxidants, such as vitamin C. But moisturizers only improve the appearance.

“Cold water tightens pores”

You inherited your skin (together with pores). There’s nothing you can do here, even more so with cold water. To improve the appearance of enlarged pores, you must first clean them. Clogged with sebum and dead cells of the epidermis, they look larger. And also pores are stretched with age, when the skin loses collagen. Solution: anti-age products.

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