10 makeup brushes and tools: how to correctly use them

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Professional makeup brushes are sold in simple shops but often we don’t know how to correctly use them and for what type of cosmetics to use. In order to not buy something unnecessary, read our material and correctly choose the brushes.

The majority of brushes and tools sold in shops are needed only for professionals but we, the one who are only beauty amateurs, need a more simple set of brushes. But there are some very comfy brushes, ideally for the creation of a perfect makeup, you have to learn how to correctly use them. We’ve asked a makeup artist to choose 10 most useful tools and tell in detail how to work with them.

Big Duo Fibre Brush

An absolute must-have! By using this brush, the face foundation lays evenly on the skin face. It is very comfortable and multifunctional. It has half natural and half synthetic fibers, thereby it does not absorb a lot of face foundation, it blends beautifully and evenly the blush, highlighter, it applies the powder in a thin layer, etc. It is suitable for everything.

Makeup brushes and tools how to correctly use big duo fibre brush

Medium Duo Fibre Brush

Its purpose is almost the same as that of a big brush, but the area of application of product is much smaller, hence the brush is suitable for a more detailed creation of your makeup. If you just want to mask some minor imperfections or apply concealer under the eyes – this brush will be your best assistant.

How to use medium duo fibre brush

Slanted Eyebrow Definer Brush

The synthetic slanted brush is perfect to fill the brows with products of different textures – whether you are using an eyebrow lipstick or eyebrow eyshadows. In this case, brushes with natural fibers aren’t as good as those with synthetic fibers. Slanted brushes perfectly fills the sparse areas, shape and elongate the brow, if needed.

How to use slanted eyebrow definer brush

Smoky Eyes Brush

This is an irreplaceable brush if you decided to create a smoky eyes makeup. Even if you’re not a professional, it will do everything instead of you. It will beautifully blend, apply eyeshadows or pigments in layers, it copes equally good both with dry and creamy textures, thanks to it, the smoky eyes makeup can be done perfectly.

How to use smoky eyes brush

Sponge for concealer and face foundations

Another tool to create a smooth, unobtrusive skin tone are the sponges. They are designed to apply foundation evenly and easily, hiding the pores. When you use a sponge, it is important to apply the product by patting, and not with a rubbing movement. The small sponges can be used to apply concealer in the area of the lower eyelid in the inner corner of the eyes and the nasolabial area. We recommend it!

How to use sponge for concealer and face foundations

Brush for liquid and gel eyeliner application

This brush delivers a precise liquid and gel eyeliner application. You don’t need to save money when buying this tool.

How to use brush for liquid and gel eyeliner applicatio

Fan Powder brush

A wide brush, resembling a fan, is ideal if you want to apply powder in a very thin and soft layer. Makeup artists are also using this brush for body – if you want to powder the neck and cleavage area –  this is the right tool.

How to use fan powder brush

Appropriate tweezers

Any makeup must begin with an ideal eyebrow shape. That is why, the first tool in the cosmetic bag are the tweezers. Choose a pair of tweezers you find comfortable to work with and use correctly. This way they’ll serve you for ever.

How to use appropriate tweezers

Spiral Eyebrow Brush

The spiral eyebrow brush ideally brushes the eyebrows. It is necessary both in the process of eyebrows care (done with tweezers), as well as for the final touch – comb the eyebrow shape.

How to use spiral eyebrow brush

Eyelash Curler

The eyelash curler is the tool for lashes curling. If you want to achieve the effect of a “wide look”, you’ll definitively need an eyelash curler. You don’t need to save money when buying it, and acquire a professional eyelash curler.

How to use eyelash curler

And finally…

The main tool in makeup, mainly in personal makeup, are the hands. Clean, disinfected fingers are the best tool for all creamy textures, and the back of the hand the best palette for blending the face foundation with the moisturizing cream and various lipstick shades.

It is also important to have in your cosmetic bag disinfected solutions – special sprays or napkins, suitable both for hands, as well as for cleaning brushes and tools. Don’t forget to use them before each makeup, and the brushes for greasy textures and sponges must be washed after each use.

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