10 main Spring-Summer 2015 makeup trends

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Spring season is almost here and now it is the right time to find out what makeup to apply so as to always be in fashion. We present you in the latest makeup trend straight from world’s most famous runways and let you decide which one is more appropriate for you.

Gold accents

“A little gold is never too much” – have thought makeup artists when created some images for spring-summer 2015 shows. The key word “a little” allowed stylists to use not only barely shining golden eyeshadows, but also creamy textures and dazzling shimmering glitter, as if the eyelids of models were thin plates of gold leaf. At Dries Van Noten show, gold accents adorned not the eyes but the lips, better said, the lower lip. In the middle was drawn a thin gold stripe, which became the “highlight” of the image.

Plum eyeshadows

In the past spring-summer season, makeup artists relied on very light lavender color in eye makeup, but now, if you want to create a fresh spring image, the plum shade is here to help you. They can be with matte, satin or metallic effect- the choice is yours. However, it is important that you apply them in a light translucent layer, otherwise the makeup will not have that spring freshness and lightness. Leave the plum shade the only accent in your makeup.

Black graphical wings

Forget about smoky eyes. We do not think that ignoring the existence of such beauty-reception will last a long time, but this spring and summer, just ignore it. On catwalks, instead of the gradient smoky eyes, stylists created wings. These were mostly black, but those who would like to get a softer version of this eye makeup, backstage stylists suggested using brown eyeliners. An important detail when you follow this trend – the arrows must be graphical, with clear outlines, as if they were drew with a stencil.

Eyeliner on the lower lid

We have a feeling that the black wings trend, sometimes new, sometimes old, may not impress you, unless this classic is not part of your daily looks. Makeup artists have thought about that and recommend to those who are ready to experiment to apply the eyeliner not on the upper but on the lower lid. Trace a line with your black eyeliner under the lash line or use a kajal eyepencil on the waterline – it will make the eye contour much clearer. By the way, in the second case we recommend you to use waterproof products, otherwise, “blinking” an hour or two, you’ll lose your eye makeup.

Wet skin radiance

In fashion now there is not only the sport-chic style, but also the sport style, that is why, looking like you just have finished your exercises at the gym, where you have trained hard, is not only fun but also fashionable. This is the origin of wet skin radiance effect appearance in beauty-images from spring-summer shows. This trend will make you use shimmering face foundations instead of matte textures, making this way an accent on skin radiance. Here is a tip from the makeup artists:  to make it possible, apply some drops of transparent lip gloss on the cheekbones and distribute it to the skin with your fingertips.

Pinky doll lips

It has been a long time since the pink lipstick did not occupy such a strong position among other beauty-trends as it is now. Now it’s up to us, we have to maintain the trend by all means, otherwise the most girlish of all colors will be again put to oblivion. You certainly postponed your favorite pink lipstick away, thinking that now is not the right time. Now its time has come – focus on lips using lipstick in candy colors, preferably – with a matte texture.

Very bright eyes

We do not just write “very”. If you decide to do a bright make-up in the new spring-summer season, then this must fully justify its name and attract the attention with its unusual color scheme. Examples from the catwalks give you enough inspiration in the form of neon red arrows, blue sky haze shadows, orange lines on the lower eyelid, and it is not necessarily for you to copy them in order to be in trend – do not be afraid to come up with your own examples.

Tanned cheeks

It does not matter if in the new season you will manage to get to the sea (although you have thought about that since winter time), and look as if the sun have made your cheekbones pinky, the new season comes with a news trend – tanned cheeks. This can be achieved very simple, the most important is to have in your cosmetic bag a bronzing powder. Apply it on the cheekbones instead of the blush, taking care previously of the skin tone evenness, that is all, no more extra effort needed.

Lipstick in all red shades

In the last few seasons, we only asserted that in autumn and winter, the red lipstick from your cosmetic bag had to be replaced with the wine color lipstick, and in the spring and summer – the carroty. The harassment of the red color finally come to an end – at the latest fashion shows in the images of the models were very often seen the red lips. Note that makeup artists who worked with them recommend us the classic red, cherry, and sweet cherry, as well as allow us to use any textures – from matte to glossy and creamy.

Nude-image with a touch of innocence

We will not stop repeating that naturalness will never go out of fashion. This season, however, make-up artists have interpreted it quite in a special way – the “no makeup makeup” was created so that the girls do not just look natural, but pathetically childish, naive and gentle. The main “assistant” in this case was the porcelain skin tone, faintly pink blush, a thin layer of gloss and a couple of dashes of pink lipstick on the lips. If all these techniques were applied on the possessor of “Bambi eyes”, the effect increased significantly. Hairstyles helped here a lot, neat low ponytails and smooth parted straight hair.

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