10 main Spring-Summer 2015 hairstyle trends

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In order to start the new season, knowing “perfectly” what hairstyles to create in the coming warm days, study the main hair trends of Spring-Summer 2015 and adopt those that you like more.

Simple braids

Stars have long hinted that it is the time to return in fashion the laconic and simple braids. Their desire was heard – this spring, backstage stylists advise us to accurately gather the hair into a low ponytail and then turn it into a “fishtail” with notorious braids or negligently “braids”, which were created without a mirror, in haste.

Complex braids

Not all hairstylists, however, agree with the fact that in fashion should be classic braids, and therefore refused the minimalism, working with braids, because they allow you to create a variety of most unimaginable hairstyling options. Therefore, on one show we saw real “beehives” made of braids, on another – a side parting, made of braids, the third – beams surrounded by braids. What are the options you think you could invent?

Combed back hair

For several seasons we had the time to get used to smoothness in hairstyles, as well as incessant parting from the center to the side and back – in fashion was sometimes the straight parting, sometimes the side parting. This is why it is almost forgotten how to be without parting. We’ll have to remember that! In Spring-Summer shows, the loose hair was very often simply combed back and fixed so that they do not disintegrate the parting. The hairspray helped to make it so that the use of styling products remained unnoticed. However, somewhere was noted both a clear gel as well as oil – these products not only secured the hair, but also helped to create a wet effect. It is back in fashion, but more on that will follow further.

Ripple effect

Strands arranged with curling irons, popularly called “waffle iron” – seems to be the case of bygone days. Now, we are not surprised by the fact that they are back in fashion. There is no such trend that could have a second chance to be back again. Therefore let’s perceive it as a given: we can give the hair a ripple texture again. If you plan to loosen the hair, make them “broken” over the entire length, if you want to gather it in a tail – apply it only on a few strands to get an interesting contrast with the smooth surface of straight hair.

Hair accessories

By tradition, in the Fall-Winter season stylists seem to completely forget about hair accessories and when the spring and summer approach, they are again in the spotlight. So what accessory to use? Designers do not give preference to something special, they use everything: from hairpins and concise combs and ending with richly decorated rims and even fresh flowers! For example Dolce & Gabbana, chose to decorate the hairstyles of girls with large buds of red roses. But since there is no clear answer, enjoy the freedom of action and decorate the hair as you prefer.

Colored strands

Until recently, in regard to unusual staining either of all the hair, either of individual strands in neon colors, we had as examples pop stars such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and other celebrities who always had the courage to experiment on their own. Now, the trend “migrated” to the podium, and from there we can remember those times when we used dyes and crayons for hair – it is fashionable, bright accents look beautiful both on loose hair, as well as if you put them in a tail (for example, in a braid). Badgley Mischka even advices to paint the eyebrow in the same color as the hair! But what is good on the catwalk, not always is suitable for everyday life.

Long tails

Very few people need to know that tails are very fashionable. Very often, tails becomes an object of experimentation for podium stylists and we should take into account their advices, well, it is at least interesting. For example, recently, they have increasingly insisted that the tail was low placed, and the hair was parted in the middle. In the spring-summer 2015 season, they have added some more hints – the tail should be long, straight and smooth. Such an elementary everyday hairstyle definitively has the chance to turn into a work of art.

Wet effect

The wet effect trend is in a continuous evolution – by then, it was often associated with smooth trend, that means that in order to create a fashionable hairstyle, it was enough to just comb the hair, part them then apply either a little amount of gel, either some oil, or some hairspray for shining. Now, wet hair must be look very natural, as if you just came out of water in a hot summer day. Comb the hair back, as we told previously, it is in fashion again, and give them a desired wet level with the help of the products we listed before. Leave the volume at the roots, and secure some very thin hair strands on cheeks.

Sexy curls

In recent years, the “deliberate negligence” seems to have been a favorite phrase for hair stylists, especially in cases when it comes to waves and curls. “Hair to hair” arranging wasn’t seen for a while, except those cases when Hollywood divas appeared on the red carpet of Oscars. Now, the sexy “doll” curls, like those of Victoria’s Secret “Angels” are back again. Volume at roots and neat curls – isn’t this the return of the glamour era?


Finally, the traditional summer beach waves could miss any fashions shows of the new season. This trend can not delight those who are against glam-curls. Stylists recommend curling the hair not from the roots, but from the middle of the length, the resulting curls – not to comb, but straighten with your fingers. In addition, instead of a perfectly smooth parting, leave the hair natural, as if the hair broke itself apart.

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