10 key facts about cellulite that will help you get rid of it

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Cheek dimples look nice, beautiful and sexy. While thigh dimples are a completely different story. If the orange peel darkens your mood, creating unreasonable complexes, study your enemy! Here are 10 key facts about cellulite you should know to get rid of it forever, or at least reduce its appearance.

Facts about cellulite that help you get rid of it

1. Most women have cellulite

Men aren’t passed by either. Simply by virtue of female physiology, characteristics of muscle and connective tissue, in the beautiful half of humanity, cellulite occurs more often and appears sharper and more pronounced. By the way, orange peel can be situated not only on the thighs and buttocks. Among its favorite places, dermatologists include upper arm, abdomen or even the chest. Have you found cellulite in all designated areas? Do not panic, but rather relax!

Tip: Take a bath, listen to soothing music or enjoy a yoga class! When you are nervous, the body intensively produces the stress hormone cortisol, which according to scientists’ observations, can increase the accumulation of fat in the body and help reduce the thickness of your skin. cellulite affects more readily a thin skin.

2. There is no simple solution to fight cellulite

Getting rid of the orange peel requires discipline and commitment. The more methods you try, the better the chances to win this “disease.” Be aware that the use of creams and serums that are actively advertised by cosmetic brands only temporarily tightens cellulite, reducing the appearance of creating deposits. This happens due to improved blood circulation in the skin and improve its moisture.

Tip: Act on all fronts! And do not stop seeing the first lasting effect, otherwise the orange peel will come back again.

3. Creams and serums can help

Look for beauty products that contain caffeine and retinol. Caffeine stimulates lymph movement in the skin, improving circulation, while retinol helps to restore the cells affected by cellulite.

Tip: Apply on problem areas according to instructions. And remember: the cosmetics does not relieve you of the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Be active, move more – do not leave cellulite any chance!

4. Losing weight will not make cellulite go away

Between your skin and muscles there is a layer of connective tissue, imagine it as a normal sponge for washing the body. If the sponge is engorged with water, it is soft and elastic, if it is dry – it’s loose and rough. Actively breeding, dehydrated skin cells (they have an unpleasant property) result in damage to the connective tissue – collagen and elastine fibers. The skin is stretched, it becomes more vulnerable. After weight loss, skin quality characteristics do not change, it is still in need of moisture and treatment, because weight loss has almost no effect on the orange peel.

Tip: Keep your weight under control! If you need to get rid of few kilograms by the summer, the process of losing weight is necessarily to be accompanied by the use of special cosmetics, moisturizing the skin.

5. Exfoliants work

Dead cells, grouped on the surface of the skin, make cellulite “ripples” more noticeable, attracting the attention. While smooth skin, freed from excess impurities, is what you need. Useful substances contained in the composition of anti-cellulite products are coming to it actively, and therefore act more effectively.

Tip: Take by habit twice a week to scrub the skin with cellulite areas. This will improve their condition and appearance.

6. The diet eliminates the orange peel

There is a theory saying that one of the main causes of cellulite are toxins that poison the body. A healthy diet rich in antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients allows the body to naturally get rid of toxins, as well as excessive accumulation of fluid. As a consequence, he orange peel fades away.

Tip: Eat colorful fruits and vegetables as they have the highest content of antioxidants and fiber. In addition, they actively stimulate the production of collagen, making an even greater contribution to the process of the fighting with the enemy of your skin.

7. When you’re dehydrated, cellulite exults

In addition to a healthy diet you have to adopt also a moderate drinking regime. Clean water improves lymph flow, increases the elasticity of the skin and contributes to its smoothness, strengthens elastin and collagen, removes toxins through the kidneys. Coffee and tea, on the contrary, dehydrate the body, which exacerbates the cellulite. To compensate the loss of moisture, alternate “invigorating” beverages with water in its purest form.

Tip: Drink often and a lot! 1.5-2 liters of water per day are the key to your beauty, and a great way to say goodbye to the orange peel.

8. Tan skin worsens the skin condition

According to recent scientific researches, UV rays can damage collagen, destroying the connective tissue, which in turn makes cellulite more visible. But that is not all! The tan obtained as a result of sunbathing, further emphasizes the dimples, bumps and lumps that are difficult to change in color.

Tip: Sunbath moderately and always use sunscreen products! They reduce the effects of the negative impact of sunlight and restore damaged skin.

9. Sports kills cellulite

Regular physical activity, especially exercises to maintain the thighs and buttocks muscle tone, has a lifting effect. Cellulite melts not only during training, but also for some time after its completion.

Tip:Practice sports! Boring? Instead effective! Sport is the guarantor of a beautiful figure and well being.

10. Cellulite gets worse with age

The older you become, the freer cellulite feels on your body. With age, the skin cells lose their elasticity, their restoring occurs more difficult and slower. What you can not say about cellulite, is that it’s just active and capable of much.

Tip: Begin to act now and you will surely win the orange peel!

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