10 Acne Causes You Had No Idea About

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Do you monitor the amount of sweets in the diet, cleanse the skin properly, apply products for problematic skin, and they do not give up? Perhaps you will find the reason below.

Your smartphone

If you carry it not in your pocket, but specifically in your bag. Every time you send a message or check your mail, you leave on the screen all the bacteria that have come to your arms. If your phone is in your pocket, when you take it out, you wipe the screen of the fabric while in the bag or on the desk, the phone is literally enveloped by a bacterial layer. Sebum mixed with foundation and powder, which also remain on the screen after you talked on the phone, are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Voila

Acne causes

Lack of Vitamin D

When this vital vitamin ceases to be ingested, the first who react is the immune system. And that liiiitle bacteria that the immune system would kill at once under normal circumstances, gets a chance to survive. In short, do not despise the morning sun or drink vitamin in tablets.

Tap water

Minerals and disinfectants impurities contained in the tap water, shift the PH of your skin toward high acidity. The lipid barrier on the surface is destroyed, the skin becomes defenseless against any external aggression. Another scenario: micro particles of these minerals are stuck in the pores and react with the sebum. Tadam: Meet your new pimple. Your saviors are a face tonic or bottled water for washing.


We’ll surprise you: the mechanism is very similar to the one described above. Coffee also leads to the formation of an acidic environment in the body, and hence on the surface of the skin. Besides, coffee breaks the intestinal microflora and conventional products begin to digest bad and to decompose into toxic substances.

Night wakes

When the lights go out, the skin cells are rearranged into the “recovery and repair everything broken” regime. If you are late looking at your favorite TV series or hanging on the Internet, the time for cells repair is very little. Should we explain further?

Tonic ignorance

If you read carefully the paragraph 3, you already know. Yes, the tonic returns the normal skin PH-balance and does not allow any breed abomination in your pores.

Change of cosmetics

It isn’t that we advised you to use the same tonic forever, but … If you are satisfied with the overall effect of a particular product, remain faithful to it. Each change is a stress for the skin to which it’s clear how it responds.

Means for Acne

What a twist! But the deeper you clean the pores, the deeper layers of the skin bacteria get to access. You are showing them the path!

Brushes and sponges

Especially the ones that you use for blending the foundation. Fat, nutrient medium, that’s all. Did you apply a makeup? Thoroughly wash your brushes and sponges with soap and water! And even better, apply the makeup with your fingers.

Sunscreen products

Thankfully, not all, but only those which include avobenzone. Check the label and replace the product if you find in the list of ingredients this comedogenic enemy.

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