May 2015 Horoscope

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What has prepared May month for representatives of all zodiac signs? What we should pay special attention to, and who should be more careful? We have prepared a horoscope to tell you all about the near future.

Horoscope for May 2015


Dedicate the first two-thirds of May to material life. At this time, Aries will increase the aesthetic instinct and craving to all beautiful things. You will want to be beautiful, too! The charm and friendliness will help get along well with people. The last third of the month will be fussy and agile. It’s time for dating, communication, cooperation, execution of contracts.


By May 21, Taurus are on the height of their popularity. The nature of the representatives of this zodiac sign will most clearly manifest pride, self-confidence, strength and optimism. Then your interests will become mundane. You will probably worry about what you can get from any other contacts. In late May, Taurus girls are attractive and friendly.


At the beginning of this month, Gemini will be somewhat confused. Girls will find hard to understand the pragmatism that reigns around them. It will seem that you’re talking in different languages with others. But from May 8, Gemini’s sociable and lively character will prevail, while from May 21, all the girls will be at the peak of popularity. Bite on that!


The first two-thirds of May will boost the well-being and will show new sources of profit. Cancer girls will be able to make plans, communicate more with friends. And the last third of May is the time of the triumph. The most ambitious steps will support influential people. The authority, conquered at this time, will be strong.


Until May 21, Leo girls will be busy with work. The ambition and determination will wake up. Leo will succeed if will not go up alone but with peers. However, many Lions will experience a time when they will work less and relax more with friends.


Until May 21, Virgo will have an event associated with abroad or with foreigners. And yet, many Virgos will start an intensive spiritual development. You will become more interested in philosophy or religion. Well, after that you can remember about your job. You will have a good chance to build a career!


Until May 25, Libra will be irritable, then enthusiastic. Plan actively but better implement these plans after May 25. If you will go with the flow, the energy will accumulate and break flashes of anger. It is better to send it to a peaceful course and conquer new peaks for you.


By May 21, you will be concerned with issues of partnership. If there is a background, the events in this area can be important: a marriage or the conclusion of a major transaction. If there are no reason for significant events, then easier things will happen. Frequent communication with your partner, serious relationships, familiarity with the future life partner.


In May, Sagittarius will have many daily tasks: usual household chores, things at work, care for pets. Health will become an important topic. Since May 21, main events will be connected to business and personal partnership.


May month is the time for rest, creativity and self-expression. Even if Capricorns are overworked, they will still find time for themselves. This period most often marks the beginning of a love story, enthusiastic engagement in their own interests, trying their self in a “freelance” profession.


Till May 21, Aquarius are either busy with household chores, or will draw conclusions on some affairs. Both activities will experience a complete clarity. End of May will give Aquarius rest, time for hobbies, invitations to events and parties, a rich personal life with the loved one, or a new love story.


In May, Pisces girls will have an active and agile life. You’ll be on your feet all the time, you’ll get a lot of communication, meetings and news. In these days it is recommended to do something that you like to do. Engage in creative hobbies, enjoy arts. A good communication with dearest people, you can arrange a romantic date.

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