Love Horoscope for May 2015

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May month makes you dizzy?  Then our love horoscope will certainly give answers to all questions: who are waiting for a serious relationship in May? And maybe even a wedding?

May 2015 Love Horoscope


May is the time for love possibilities. These may be wonderful relationship with a partner, dates for all tastes, and several admirers at a time. At the beginning of the month, Aries will want to swing, to have parties, but it is better to wait. Most dates are to be made on May 23-24.


Up to May 21, selfishness will confuse the love in Taurus. You’ll be bright and noticeable, but so focused on yourself that you will not be able or will not want to build a lasting relationship. And only in the last ten days of May, you will become caring and start thinking about a partner. The relationship will be more warm for female representative of the Taurus zodiac sign.


In early May, you’ll be the very embodiment of love: beautiful, lovely and seductive. The partner will be ready to carry Gemini in his arms, while single Gemini will have a lot of admirers. Afterwards, they should be careful: disputes can seriously harm the relationship. Take care of your happiness!


From May 8, Cancers are under the special protection of the love planet. Venus will enhance the beauty and sexuality. If you are single, you will curl around a lot of eager to date. Those Cancers who already are in a relationship, will genuinely enjoy it. May can be called a month suitable only for private life.


In May, the private life does not dispose to frivolity and fun. You are affected by stern and serious Saturn. He patronizes relationships of convenience. This is not necessarily a material gain. Most often this is a relationship in which people go with their eyes wide open. You need to understand why you need a partner, and, in fact, this relationship.


In May, the life of Virgo will be tense. Female representatives of this zodiac sign will experience intense and deep feelings. You are capable of real passion, and your partner will feel the same. Single Virgo will fall in love with a positive, sunny and artistic person.


Libra will want to create a family in May. Indeed, in may there is a possible marriage. But will it give you want you want? You will have to make efforts to gain partner’s and his relative’s confidence. If there is no such desire, you should wait with the marriage, and if it is – there are no reasons to wait!


In May, a partnership will be relevant for Scorpions. At this time, new bright relationship are possibles, marriage proposal or even a wedding. Family Scorpions rejoice the success of the partner. Best days for love in this period are May 5-6 and May 18.


All May month, Sagittarius will experience frustration, active love letters some will even have marriage registration. May 1 to May 7 will be the most harmonious time in love. Then, from the middle of the month, the event will be strained, but the most important events fall on the last third of the month. And they will be in some way connected with your past.


The most active personal life is in the first third of May. At this time, the event promises to be quick and decisive. From time to time, the partner will be a little annoying. Tipping days – May 7-May 12. At this time, the tension will be changed with harmony. It starts a happy time to love and a complete personal life satisfaction.


In May will be a lot of communication, conversation, reflection on personal topics. Many are waiting for a trip related to the personal life: a journey together with a partner, his arrival or the trip to him. The best days for love in May are from 1 to 7, do not miss them!


May will make Pisces truly happy in love. Your personal life will be attended by Venus. It will bring a harmonious, happy relationship, will remove disputes and quarrels in the couple. It will give Lonely people a date with someone they really like.

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