June 2015 Lucky Days

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June comes with the best days of this year. The last decade of the month saved them for you. Venus, Jupiter and Uranus will work together to make you really happy.

Venus, Uranus and Jupiter – the triad of luck

The Jupiter and Uranus phase is the third time the same since last summer. The previous time it promised wealth and was giving  advances. Now, it is summarizing and giving the well deserved merits. Tasks, that have been initiated an year ago will have a great and stunning success. If you did not manage to start anything, don’t worry, these two planets can make you an unexpected gift, without doing any effort from your side.

June 2015 women's lucky days

The luck shall be waited in the last ten days of June. It will be a great one for those who will enjoy it in June 28-30 when Venus will also go into the game. The bunch of Venus, Jupiter and Uranus gives a sudden wealth, a material well-being thanks to the chance, a financial success thanks to unexpected coincidences, an unexpected luxury gift. The second theme of these planets is the personal relationships. There they will assure an unexpected happy novel, a fateful meeting, more luck in love.

The area that will enjoy success depends on the personal horoscope. For example, if in your personal horoscope the planets are governed by the fifth home, then wait for luck in love, luxury holiday or vacation, wealth through risky gambling business or to take part in a promotion, a lottery. If there is a connection with the sixth house, then a love relationship with a colleague or subordinate will start, it will improve the relationships in the working team, the workplace will be much more comfortable.

It may happen that the love and financial luck will show depending on your Zodiac sign.

  • Aries: on vacation
  • Taurus: in their own or parent’s home
  • Gemini: on the road, outside, at neighbors, at relatives
  • Virgo: in hospitals, sanatoriums, in isolation
  • Libra: at friends
  • Scorpio: working, in business, at workplace
  • Sagittarius: abroad
  • Pisces: at workplace, at colleagues
  • Cancers and Capricorns will enjoy an exclusive financial luck from unknown sources
  • Leos will enjoy success in any area. They are the luckiest Zodiac sign
  • Aquarius will have luck in partnership but it may happen that the success will come to their partners and not not them, and partners will share it with Aquarius.

Other lucky days

  • June 4-6 – for big businesses and ambitious intentions
  • June 5-6 – for love strengthening, the start of a strong relationship
  • June 8-11 – for luck in a risky enterprise
  • June 10 – for discussions about love, love correspondence, search for diplomatic solutions in business communication

Starting with June 14- Mercury stops its retrograde motion and goes right after the most powerful Zodiac sign – Gemini. From this day travel, transport business, transportation, transfer, communication, correspondence, mediation, trade, intellectual pursuits will enjoy a great luck.

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