July 2015 Lucky Days

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July will please you with lucky days in the beginning of the month. They’ll simply come, without any commitments. Later it will require your efforts as well.  It will pay off in spades, bringing luck in the things you will start to do. But if you did not manage to receive your lucky days in the beginning of July, don’t be sad – you’ll have another chance in the beginning of August.

July 2015 women's lucky days

Calendar of favorable days in July 2015

  • On July 1st you will be especially perceptive, sensitive and intuitive. The understanding of spiritual things will strengthen.
  • July 8-9 – intuition will help you in your work and will contribute to the correct choice of methods and means to achieve the goal.
  • July 13 intuition will increase when communicating and solving intellectual problems. It will be a rush of inspiration in literary and oratorical activities
  • July 21-22 your initiative in intellectual activity, commerce, literary creativity, communication is extremely durable. Whatever you start in these areas, undertaking will withstand any storms.

Venus, Jupiter and Mercury

July 1-3, the combined influence of the benefactors planets Jupiter and Venus is retained. They patronize wealth and love, creativity and relaxation, close friendship and good humor. Mercury will take care of your good  state of mind. No wonder the Roman Mercury was the mediator between gods and people. Mercury is now also a mediator between the connection of Venus and Jupiter and Uranus. He will take the energy of Uranus and give it to the connection. This event will bring surprise and innovative spirit, create unusual circumstances, will bring good luck even to whose who do not expect that. It will also extend the activity of Venus, Jupiter and Uranus up to 5 July. Therefore pay closely attention to the messages of Mercury: walk longer, talk, listen to the news, do not forget to read letters and answer calls.

Strong Sun

From July 23, the Sun will go by the sign of Leo. This is its home sign. There the sun demonstrates without barriers its strength and generously endows us with the goods, which are under its control. Sun protects identities, self-sufficiency, beginning of  creative personality, self-confidence. It supports people who are not afraid to be the center of attention, makes a successful self-presentation, because by tradition it is the patron of actors. It gives luck to leaders to help them achieve universal admiration. Remember: when the Sun is strong, it is useful to develop talents and show them to the public.

Strong Mercury

Until July 8, Mercury goes by the sign of Gemini. There, it feels very strong. It protects the intellectual property, speech, learning, mediation, movement. Successfully develops document management, travel, dating, meetings. It is easy to get the correct information, useful ideas are literally in the air. It’s time for sociable, contact, talkative people, but also for those who work in the field of information, journalism, education, who travels a lot and loves to learn new things.

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