General Horoscope for 2016 for all Zodiac Signs

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Who will be lucky in love in the new year? Who is expecting a career growth, and who is expecting a lot of travels? Read the 2016 horoscope for each Zodiac sign!

General horoscope 2016


In the year of the Red Fire Monkey, energetic Aries will experience an unprecedented surge of emotions and activities. On the one hand, the representatives of this zodiac sign can achieve a lot of things in 2016. But on the other hand, they’ll need to prioritize correctly and to not “burn out”. Therefore, for Aries it is very important to plan not only the work but also the rest! Then all the plans will be possible to implement in the real life.


In 2016, Taurus certainly are expected by a lot of luck! A lot of new features will appear in front of them, they will only have to choose in which direction to go. This also applies to love, career, and other areas of life. It is possible that in the year the Red Fire Monkey, they will get the coveted position of leadership. Feel free to accept it, because luck will accompany you around!


In the new year, Gemini risk to complicate their lives with their excessive activity and the desire to catch everything and everywhere. Do not fall between two stools, focus on a single project, and you will come to success! It can be both work and private life, for example the birth of a child and the decree in which you can all the time devote to motherhood.


In 2016, Cancers will want something new. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone! Representatives of this zodiac sign will experience amazing adventures: interesting journeys, new hobbies, exciting work projects and, of course, dizzying novels! The most important thing is that there are all possibilities for the achievement of bold dreams.


In the year of the Red Fire Monkey, Leo will have a lot of attention from others. On the one hand, the representatives of this zodiac sign have high chances to meet their love. But on the other – will get envy and enemies, as well as meet will with jealousy. So you need to not talk too much about your personal and professional life, which is sure to be on the rise!


Overall, the year of 2016 will be favorable for Virgin. Thanks to the ability to analyze the situation and to correctly choose the right solution, Virgo can achieve a lot in the year of the Red Fire Monkey. Only Virgin’s jealousy and envy can impede that. So try to not look at others and do not compare yourself with anyone. Move with confidence on the chosen path!


In the year of the Red Fire Monkey, Libra can reach a new level – at work, in love, in sports. Revenues will grow, and you will be able to implement many of your long-standing plans. Your qualities such as ambition and determination will help achieve the success . Take matters into your own hands, in the new year, everything will be within your depth!


How can Scorpio be happy in the coming year? Coping with jealousy! Only this way they will achieve the desired and feel relaxed and harmonious. Scorpio awaits many challenges associated with jealousy at work and in love. Try to get out  of all negative situations with dignity, and then all will be great.


Taurus should not try to achieve many goals at once in the coming year. Choose 2-3 large target and achieve them! Then everything will turn out. In particular you will be able to realize those dreams that for many years are in your to-do list. Importantly, do not waste your time on trifles.


Capricorn will have a very lucky and productive year of 2016. This is your exclusively your time! You’ll feel a real energy flow and you will have a lot of possibilities to become the one you always wanted to be. That is why, make a lot of wishes in the New Year’s Eve.


Aquarius will experience a success in the field of science, learning and creativity. This is the right time to complete the thesis, to go on training courses or learn a new language. And in order to be creative, for example, begin to paint or sing! The relationship with others will not be easy for Aquarius, so it is best to focus on self-development, to direct energy in a positive manner.


In 2016, Pisces must rely solely on their intuition: listen to yourself, and you’ll know in which direction you should move in order to be happy and find the answers to all the important questions. Try different things, look at what you’re interested in, and do not knock on a closed door: in the year of the Red Fire Monkey, you will have in front many other possibilities.

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