Beauty Horoscope for June 2015

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At the very binging of month, from June 1 to June 4, Venus makes his move to the sign of Cancer. There it protects the natural appearance and natural beauty. In the behavior of women slips the game “Mothers and Daughters”.

Besides, a woman can choose the role of a caring mother toward her men and the role of capricious girl. For this feature, the usefulness of home skin care products, especially on milk basis, are very useful.

Starting with June 5, Venus makes his move to the sign of Leo. This resplendent sign generously gives women a regal beauty. You can not hide yourself wearing  modest, unfashionable and old clothes. You need to wear expensive clothes, jewelry, emphasize the beauty with all available means. To look perfect, you don’t need as much care, as a self training, giving confidence in your appearance. You need to praise yourself, do not look for imperfections, in any case, do not criticize yourself. Remember, you are a Queen, which condescend to others to take their compliments.

The best time to look wonderful, to buy new outfits and expensive jewelery, improve the appearance and feel irresistible is June 28-30. If you need to amaze someone with your beauty and attraction, schedule a date with him on these days.

June 2015 beauty horoscope


June for Aries is the time of cardinal image changes. They will look completely different. Their new look will surprise with its uniqueness and originality, but at the same time it will meet all the standards of good taste. If you want to look downright unique, but to do not shock people around, find yourself in the last third of June. Life itself will give you the opportunity to experiment with the appearance, and you just will have to decide whether you want it or not. If you want – you will not be disappointed in the result. If you do not want, then, on the contrary, avoid to change something in appearance from June 20 – the changes will be too drastic. Instead, trust your taste and intuition on June 11-12. These are good days to improve small aspects of your appearance, take care of yourself, go to the hair salon, buy a new outfit or a perfume.


In June, for Taurus it will be useful to devote time to the personal care, rehabilitation, accumulation of vitality, skin and hair care. Fresh air, sun and sports, walks and outdoor games – these are the best friends for Taurus beauty. As for cosmetic care products, it is better not to buy them, and to not go to beauty salons, but remember the family recipes. For Taurus, there is nothing more useful than home cosmetics based on recipes used more by mothers and grandmothers. Taurus, like everyone else, want from time to time to update the style; stars do not advise them to major changes. These will fail or Taurus will not like them. If you want to please yourself or impress others, it is better to stay on small innovations: hairstyle change, try a new make-up, buy a new outfit or jewelry. It is best to do that on June 13-14: these days, the intuition will advice Taurus the best choice.


In June, Gemini will look brilliant. They will never go unnoticed. The horoscope alleges that June is the best time to “squeeze” the maximum of your appearance. If Gemini decide to become perfect – they will become so. Mercury, the planet-patron of the Gemini, will help them look original like no one else. Also, it will make Gemini look younger. The Sun, which protects them until June 21, will add luster to their appearance, and will make all effective treatments for beauty. Almost until the end of June, they are helped by Mars. It makes Gemini vigorously, recommends aggressively bright colors, bold cut of clothes, adds sexual charisma and protects radical changes in appearance.


On June 1-4, the Cancer will be strongly affected by the planet of  beauty, Venus. It will give them more attractiveness, will help successfully go to the hairdresser and increase Cancer’s interest in their appearance. These days it is important to decide how they want to see their self. Because from June 5, it starts the shopping time for the creation of their style, and the closer to the end of the month, the more purchases they will have. If Cancers do not want to spend money for nothing, they have to determine exactly what they want. In the last third of June, Cancers will become the most visible sign of the Zodiac. Their new look will be ready. They should always be arranged, because they will often find themselves in the spotlight. This is the time of the most expensive purchases associated with beauty. Obviously, Cancers will make sure that their efforts have brought benefit and will risk to make big expenses for the appearance.


In June, Leo will enjoy the heyday of beauty, health and luck. If you dreamed to become an ideal beauty, this time has come. Your attraction is undeniable. You are looking spectacular. Despite the fact that Leos are attractive in any clothing, it is desirable, of course, to choose the appropriate style of the event: a luxurious, beautiful, rich, so that they had a power and well-being energy. Be sure to put an accent on the details, a “rich” perfume, luxury jewelry and accessories. Different Leos have different life, and each representative of the sign can be transformed overnight from a Cinderella into a princess. If life thrown you a test, you could not adequately care of yourself, you do not have enough money to have a beautiful appearance – do not worry. In the last decade of June all miraculously will suddenly change for the better.


In June, the horoscope does not recommend Virgo to radically change the appearance. They are alien to Venus shine in Leo. If they try to keep up with luxury friends, or imitate “stars” and leading figures of fashion, they will feel uncomfortable, and will get nothing, will lose their main advantages of the appearance: quiet, discreet charm, femininity, gentleness, generosity. They’d better wait – their time will come soon, and they will notice and appreciate it. In the meantime, they need to improve theirself, and better to do it quickly. You can go to a sanatorium, a resort with healing climate, do something for the exterior, exercise at home simulators and so on. Soon, Virgo will become the most visible and popular representative of the zodiac, and they should be prepared for this.


In June, Libra do not need to radically change the style. This is not very appropriate time to do that. The familiar image of Libra will be very successful for the period when Venus is moving to Leo. Libra will not go unnoticed – its charm, beauty and sexuality will make them one of the most beautiful women in the zodiac. The source of fashion news and tips for successful cosmetology for Libra are their friends. If you are going to buy new clothes, you will hesitate what perfume to choose, you will not be sure you will like your new haircut – be sure to ask the opinion of friends. But looking at how cute your friend look, you will buy for yourself something interesting from clothing or cosmetics. June 24-26 is useful to listen to your intuition. You will have a heightened feeling for what suits you. These are the best days for small cases related to beauty: buying clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, experimenting with hair, makeup.


Scorpio do not need to radically change the style in June but they definitively have to take care of their appearance: this month, humans will associate the look of Scorpions with their social status and success. Therefore, if the Scorpio want to be taken seriously, they must give up on cheap clothes and accessories, forget about democratic-shirts and jeans, and match accessories so that they emphasized their high status. In search of a role model you can take your boss or women who are known for their weight in politics, public life and business. As regards Scorpio appearance, intuition will work fine on June 1. They will easily find the perfect style for themselves. And if then they will become bored of it, they will also enjoy same good days at the end of the month – June 27-28.


In June, Sagittarius will suit the classic style. They will also suit the style of a business woman. They need to focus on a strict silhouette, expensive fabrics, expensive accessories and jewelry, discreet makeup. A common mistake at this time – unfashionable, boring clothes and makeup that make them look older. As fort the care, it is necessary to give preference to long-term procedures that should be done regularly until you get the desired result. You must avoid quick one-time procedure. You can not experiment with the skin care products, especially if they are new not only for you, but in general newly appeared. These products will be at best ineffective and at worst will damage the skin. But avoid the opposite mistake, and do not use “grandmother’s products”, the inefficiency of which has already been proved by beauticians and doctors.


Capricorns will create the impression of strong women. They are associated by others with mystery, authoritativeness, female sexuality, strength of spirit, insight. Capricorns will not suit the light-minded, youth style and infantile behavior. The mistake Capricorn can make when choosing a style, in search of the “highlights”, is to confuse it with something frankly ugly and repulsive, so to speak, instead of the image of a sexual witch creating the look of an old witch. When taking care of the appearance, it is necessary to focus on deep cleaning of the skin, on cosmetic products with placenta, hormones. A mistake in the care is to do bidding on the desire to transform the appearance beyond recognition. If you want this, first think well if this transformation is appropriate and safe.


In June, the horoscope advises Aquarius to radically change the appearance. In terms of beauty, it will be perfect to improve the usual look and to not experiment with a new one. Aquarius will often consider themselves looking less attractive than people around. They will tend to underestimate themselves. Therefore, it is desirable to select a circle of friends and be around people who praise them and say compliments. Aquarius will be able to see their beauty only through the eyes of another person. This is also true for those moments when Aquarius decide to take care of their appearance. They are unlikely to independently correct accents and emphasize the best that they have. To this end, Aquarius can benefit form the services of experts – hairdressers, stylists, cosmetologists. Before they do anything with themself, it is necessary to consult specialists and their ideas will be more successful than the ideas taken by Aquarius.


The secret of Pisces’ attractiveness in June is their mystery, femininity and romance. They are poetic and dreamy, there is no sharp, hard emotion. This also applies to manners – they need to bet on femininity and style – they need to give preference to soft silhouettes, delicate, silky, “flying” fabrics, and soft, pastel colors. The special charm of Pisces will be given by the long hair. If you have short hair, focus on eyes: anyone who will look in their depth, will sink and will be charmed forever. In terms of self-care, maritime climate, baths with sea salt, masks and creams, in which the ingredients are seafood, shampoos and conditioners based on algae are best companions. The attractiveness of Pisces largely depends on their health, so in June, they must mandatory do health treatments. In June 8-10, the intuition will tell how to create the most appropriate style for themselves.

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