April 2015 Horoscope

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What has April prepared for representatives of all signs of the zodiac? What should we pay a special attention to, and who should be more careful? Experts have prepared a horoscope to tell us about the near future.

Horoscope April 2015


Until April 20, the Sun passes through your sign – it’s the perfect time to get rid of the imposed business affairs and succeed. The sun will make the representatives of this sign visible in any company. Afterwards, the attention of Aries will be absorbed by material things. They will become more aware of how much they need the money and how to earn them.


All April month you’ll be under the influence of Mars. This will make them active and energetic. In early April, they will patronize more also by Venus. It will give them charm, beauty and inner harmony. And from the middle to the end of the month, Mercury will bring them energy – it will do the representatives of this sign sociable and mobile.


The sun will affect you in the first third of April. Under its patronage, Gemini will become friendlier. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the circle of friends, make new friends, put up with those who were at loggerheads. From the second decade of April, the main influence will go to Venus. It will give Gemini a subtle aesthetic flair and good taste.


Until April 20, the Cancer will be focused on work and career. This period is good for a clear understanding of their goals. Young Cancers can understand who they want to be. Businessmen and heads develop further strategy of doing things. Professionals will be aware of their level of skills and show all that they are capable of.


Leos will still be patronized by Jupiter. Actively will progress things that lead you to new opportunities, success and fame. From 9 to 12 April, Jupiter freezes in place, which means that it will freeze also all works and plans. Wait a little, and the affairs will begin to progress.


In April, you will be under the auspices of the sun. You will become interested in self-development, start to get rid of psychological complexes. The desire to change themselves or part of their life will be very strong. In such moment, it is useful to consult a psychologist, engaged in energy and esoteric practices.


In April, you will be very affected by sun. Until April 20, it will make you pay attention with whom you are dealing. Under the bright rays of the sun will get that area of life that is connected with personal and business partners, transactions and agreements. Often at this time, a good event occurs.


Until April 20, the Sun will ask you to reflect on obligations and debts. You will become more aware of what you are obliged to do. Then the sun will help Scorpio in partnership. This is an opportunity to involve in serious personal relationships, improve the lives of those already married, start a good business partnership, make a deal or a successful contract.


In April, you are under the protection of Saturn that will help you in difficult and important issues. Will feel good only those who behave purposefully. From April 20, you must be especially serious about working duties, obligations to others and to their health.


In April, you’ll be patronized by the Sun and Pluto. Sun indicates that it is the best time to clarify the relationships with relatives. Capricorn Pluto will give superhuman willpower. You are able to deal with the most complex problems.


In April,Aquarius will be affected by the sun. Until April 20, it will bring a lot of communication. Days are filled with meetings, movements, bustle and news. The last third of April is the perfect time for a holiday at home, housewarming, repair.


In April, Pisces are under the auspices of the Sun and Neptune. The sun will draw their attention to material issues. Neptune will give a romantic perception of reality, intuition and creative inspiration. From April 20, they will  constantly communicate with someone, run somewhere, discuss something.

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