2016 Love Horoscope for all Zodiac signs

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The coming year of the Fire Monkey is the best in terms of love for many representatives of the zodiac. Who will experience a whirlwind romance in the coming year and who will have to fight for their happiness? Read the sexual horoscope for 2016!

The basis of success in 2016 is the mutual respect! A joint holiday or time spent together will help improve relations, breathing in them a breath of fresh air. Those who had an embarrassing relationship, at the end of the year they will be able to get it on the right track. According to the love horoscope  the last month of 2016 will be very beneficial for all zodiac signs, especially for those who want to start a new relationship, which promise to turn into something more serious.

Love horoscope 2016


Aries’ personal life, almost the entire first half of the year (until April) is restless. Detachment, mixed with a desire to experiment, will be your companions throughout this period.

From May to mid-August, the stars promise a lot of love affairs and new dates, but you need to choose the one who will not disappoint you. We have no doubt that you’re sure to meet just such a man. But be careful not to make a mistake in your choice! In a relationship that started out of boredom, Aries definitely will look on the other side because opportunities for betrayal will be enough – from a passing flirtation to passionate dates.

Since mid-August, Aries will reconsider their intimate life. You will become more balanced and chaste. If you happen to drown in a love affair and get lost in random relationships, you will rapidly break all these contacts.

By the end of the year Aries will either remain with a regular partner, or will choose freedom and loneliness.


The coming year, will make Taurus more constrained than usual. You will tend to feel remorse and guilt as soon as instincts will want something of their own. That is why you need to let your imagination to not go into the depressing experiences, otherwise you will acquire unnecessary fears and complexes.

In order to not make the personal life tasteless, and in order to bring joy and pleasure to the intimate side of the relationship, you should not be afraid to get from it what you need (in fact, your desires will be completely normal and innocent).

The main warning to parents of Taurus adolescents: be considerate in dealing with a child, this year is more than ever easy to instill in your child the blame for his sexuality. The most opportune time when the Taurus will be able to fully enjoy life and relax is summer. Stars will call you in a passionate affair.

Taurus in dating relationships, will please their partners with strengthen passion and temperament.


Since the very beginning of the year until Spring, Gemini will be drawn to new sexual horizons. All the while, you’ll crave and seek vivid experiences. Some will have a desire for new experiments. Perhaps there will be more than ever a desire to bring intensity with elements of violence. We urge you to be extremely careful, you may contact the wrong person, and there is a very high risk to face with real violence.

In Spring, Gemini’s temperament will decline slightly, but the desire to experiment will not leave you. You’ll finally decide what gives you most of all emotions in the intimate life, and you will carry with you all these preferences the rest of the year. Almost all summer you will have the highest sexual temperament and a great life force.

A more quiet life begins in Autumn, you ‘ll want more comfort, warmth, courtship and romantic dates – that’s what promises you the love horoscope.


First half of the year and Spring is  perfect for new experiences and adventures.

In Summer, your focus of attention will change, you will begin to treat amorous affairs more seriously and with greater responsibility. Most energy and temperament in Cancer will be during the summer months until autumn. But there is also a high probability that you will begin to limit yourself in pleasures. And that will have understandable reasons: someone will switch to a new hobby, which will require all the strength and energy. Others will begin to prepare to conceive a child, which would require restrictions on sexual intercourse.

In Autumn, Cancers will return to their usual temperament. Also, from Autumn till New Year, you will thoroughly take care of your health and that means that those who planned a pregnancy, will definitively achieve their goal.


In the coming year, Leo will enjoy a great popularity, the year promises plenty of adventure and sexual experiences, they’ll have a lot of forces ! What is there to add to the sexual horoscope? Here’s what! If Leo will listen theirself, they’ll notice that their real needs and hidden sexual desires are a dense fog and confusion. But, alas, few of Leo are able to hear theirself. Therefore, for many of them it will remain a mystery why intimate relationships left them unsatisfied this year.

Some Leo will begin to treat the partner picky and demanding. Some will even avoid romantic dating or will build relationships on the principles of benefit and not sexual attraction. And only those who are not too lazy to understand theirself, will be able to find a partner who will fully meet their wishes. For such Leo, the year will be devoted to experiments and desires in conjunction with partners, and then the sexual life will sparkle with new colors.


This year, Virgo will be too passionate, more often than usual, you will suddenly pull to experiment, you will no longer hold an ordinary traditional sex. Keep in mind that because of your temperament and mainly because of sexual issues there is a possibility to breakup with the partner.

At the beginning of the year, you should be very cautious and careful with the partner, otherwise, in the first half of the year, the intimate life is able to bring a lot of troubles. Already in spring, these problems will go away. But the increased passion traced from the beginning of the year, will remain. Because of that, you will feel a too deep, sometimes an agonizing attraction to the love object.

If it turns out that the partner does not meet your mutual strong feelings, or if you are still alone, do not be upset. For the second half of the year, particularly in August and October, the horoscope promises many new opportunities. Your popularity and credibility will be incredibly high, and at the same time it will also expand the social circle. It is there where you will have a lot of admirers, among whom you’ll be able to find the second half.


This year, Libra’s personal life will be dynamic, especially in the first half of the year. Romance, courtship, flirting, dating – that’s what will attract you most. As true experts and connoisseurs of beauty, Libra will pay attention in sex to foreplay, to partner’s beauty, comfort and attractiveness of the surroundings.

Everyone is familiar with your diplomacy, and even in such a matter as intimate life, for you it’s always important the balance – to enjoy yourself and make the partner feel the same. Therefore, you will select a partner with special care. You will look for a man whose temperament and needs coincide with your own.

In Summer, Libra’s sexual activity is reduced, because physically they’ll not have enough strength for active sex. During this period, stars recommend to benefit of moderate exercise and proper diet (especially avoiding diets for quick weight loss). And by Autumn, Libra will get back to normal, to your and your partner’s delight.


This year – one of the few for Scorpios, it’s just one of those years when the sexual performance will decrease slightly. They still have energy and this decrease in activity will not be noticed neither by Scorpios, nor by their partners. Right from the beginning of the year, you’ll feel stronger and freer, the optimism appears in everything, so that until Summer, Scorpios don’t have to worry about anything.

Instead in Summer,their activity will increase so that they’ll notice that they have become more passionate and unbridled. Much energy will splash out on this hot period. And that is why by autumn, they will need to prepare in advance as the stamina will again subside. In order to prevent abrupt changes, the stars advise Scorpio to practice sports and eat right. Then their sexual activity will, as always, be at height.


Perhaps this is the most unbridled and passionate sign of this year. At the beginning of the year, a powerful temperament will push for risky actions and adventures. Almost all year round, they will seek to revive the intimate life, will be characterized by intrigue, instant love, sudden changes in the manner of communication with the partner, quarrels with reconciliation and unbridled passion for experimentation.

Generally, Sagittarius is a sign, which is not alien to morals and ethics, so the stars advise them to pull theirself together and before April, to curb their ebullient temperament, otherwise afterwards they’ll have to blush for their own actions.

Since April, the temperament will subside, but the passion for adventure and experimentation will remain, however, they will no longer accept such shocking forms. By early summer, the intimate life will continue to be rich, varied and hectic, but under common sense. Sagittarius’ partner will need to prepare to support him in sexual experimentation, and then she’ll will be even happier.


In the first half of the year, until the end of July, life will give Capricorn a wide variety of ways to get pleasure. They will have many opportunities to learn new intimate experiences, say the horoscope predictions for 2016. Moreover, all passions will keep a civil tongue. No distortions or secret dating – everything is in harmony within the norms and morals.

Capricorns intimate life will be active, but bright and clear as a sunny day in May. Of course, not everyone will be as fluffy and correct, since with a very intense performance of personal horoscope, Capricorn can pull on illegible communication, and he will not see anything wrong in that.

In the second half of the year, since the end of the summer, Capricorns’ intimate life come into balance, sex will not become less, it will be just as many as it needs to be satisfied. A period of peace and quiet, and the intimate life would become simply one of many aspects of their lives.


Since the beginning of Spring until mid-summer, personal life of Aquarius will be active, and, of course, most of it will also include intimate relationships. But on the whole, in the first half, the intimate life would not interest them more than usual.

But from mid-August until the end of the year, luck will begin to indulge Aquarius. During this time, Aquarius will have even more. They will easier look at their desires. Sex will not be separable from moral norms.

You, as the most striking time transformers, are always interested in experiments, but you would never overstep the moral foundations. An exception for those who have a difficult personal horoscope – can be interested in group sex, and because of such experiments Aquarius will not face with any problem.


The romantic mood will not leave Pisces the whole year. Female Pisces will fall in love, idealize the partner, dream. This year has prepared more platonic feelings rather than passion or extreme.

Some of Pisces will draw pictures of passionate sex in dreams, and this will content them. Male Pisces can, on the contrary, see the only way to express love through sex. For everyone – men and women of this sign – it is important to focus on the overall tone of the body, since the internal energy of Pisces will be very unstable. They will experience a surplus of energy, them a sharp decline of forces. This will affect their sexuality. Stars advise Pisces to restore power through yoga. This will not only add strength, but will also eliminate the mood swings or powerlessness.

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