2016 Horoscope for all Zodiac signs: What awaits you in the new year?

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Each new year, we expect something good and new. Everyone knows that on the eastern calendar, new year  is celebrated later than in other countries and religions. But few know that the choice of the date of the celebration is directly related to the position of the moon.

In the eastern horoscope is taken into account every detail, and not only the fact that the moon will affect the events that occur from year to year. The influence of the five elements was taken into account and compared with some animals. All of these components harmoniously fit into our lives, making their adjustments and complementing it. Elements, unlike animals, are only five: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. They are changing differently, for example, the year of 2004 was the year of the wood Monkey, and the year of 2028 will be the year of earth Monkey. The exact change of the Year of the the Goat on the year of the Monkey begins on February 8, 2016, and this year will be held under the elements of fire, hence the name of the year – the Fire Monkey. Each year is characterized by its color, element, horoscope and month. For Monkey, these are the following: color – Red; energy – Yin; month – July; zodiac sign – Leo; element – Fire.

Horoscope 2016 all zodiac signs


From the beginning of spring until late autumn, the spells on the opposite sex will be at its peak: do not be afraid to charm and seduce. Do not be afraid to go further, because the Monkey will endow his fire and you, so you can be sure you’ll achieve all your goals. In mid-summer, lonely Aries can meet their soul mate. With luck,  autumn may become your healing from loneliness. Love and be loved – says the Monkey. The most busy month – April, but in May things will start to improve. The end of spring – beginning of summer will bring you new revenue streams. The end of summer and November is the most successful period for the establishment of your own businesses. By the way, at the same time, Monkey can bring you the big jackpot – capture the moment! And in general, if not lazy, the second half of the year is a sheer luck and success for this Zodiac sign.


Through the influence of Venus, you will appreciate the beauty of the environment, and you do not mind to dilute the practice with creativity. The year of the Fire Monkey is a year good for creativity, so the stars tell you to act without delay. Overall, for Taurus next year will be a year of rethinking of their life values. In the coming year drastic changes will occur in your relationship that will also change you. Virtually the entire year, the Fire Monkey will try to bring disharmony in your personal life, carrying the Black Moon over your fire place from early spring to late autumn. With the arrival of spring in you wakes up the lust for power that will add you some arrogance, but closer to summer, you will learn not only to take but also to give. In September, your relationship will be full of romance, inflaming your passion. It is for the better, autumn should be spent in two. In the last months of the Fire Monkey has decided to bring people together no matter what. Love horoscope promises couples – marriage and to single Taurus – a watershed meeting in November or December of the next year. As for career, this year the most valuable qualities are your responsibility and discipline.


The year of 2016 promises to be incredibly bright for you, your sensuality and sexuality will be at the limit. Stars urge you to be prudent. In summer, do not go crazy with jealousy to a mere flirtation of you second half, because you personally are often not averse to flirt on the side. Are you not yet convinced of the importance of your behavior for your favorite soul mate? If you are alone, in the beginning of spring this may change, in March you will meet new interesting people, and in August and October, a pleasant acquaintance can outgrow in a real feeling. Winter will be difficult for you. In spite of everything, you have to work hard. Spring can not do without losing money, but these can be avoided, if you restrict to entertainment and thoughtlessly take no risks. If your work is connected with art, from mid-spring catch inspiration and luck: it’s your time! In the middle of the summer, the Fire Monkey promises to all Gemini to significantly increase the salaries, but not be too obsessed by the promises of your boss in August and September.


All the next year you will experience a foolish love and couples will experience a burst of positive emotions. This year, the Fire Monkey promises to tighten marriages forever. In a word, only love and romance. However, in your happiness be careful especially in January, February, August and September: in these months are possible conflicts, the height of which is able to destroy your idyll. As regards the health, the greatest risk of illness or injuries is in the interval from February 13 to March 18, so be careful. Especially watch out your nerves in February, May, June and October. In the first half of the year, your career will involve a considerable number of urgent and important work – the main thing that it should not make you feel indispensable, as this can put your career at risk. By the middle of summer, expect a wage increase. Nonetheless, stars advise you to better have a rest from hard work and in May or June go on vacation. Already from August, you can make a career leap, since until October, the sky itself is on your side.


For you, the first half of 2016  it’s a time for pleasant, sweet, loving emotions, filled with romance and pleasant experiences. In short, a rose and candy stage. That kinship connects you two, filling your life with joy. And if your union foothold in the summer, i.e. from June to August, the main motive of these relationship will be the physical attraction. In autumn, couples will be matched by mutual trust and mutual responsibility. The Fire Monkey predicts you the brightest periods of partnerships in the last month of autumn and the second or third months of winter. The financial forecast is not the most favorable in the first half of 2016, as Mars, Pluto and Jupiter have prepared a less pleasant surprise. So be very careful, particularly with regard to transport issues. Besides, in any case, do not look for solution of the problem in borrowing money, especially – in credits. But as you know, every cloud has a silver lining, and the year of 2016 promises a rapid career growth or an extremely promising employment. Do not be afraid to set unattainable goals: the Fire Monkey is your reliable ally, and you will succeed.


Everyone is familiar with Virgo’s practicality. But what other if not love and the presence of a loving person in the lives of half brightens up our way, giving a life-giving energy to all achievements? The coming 2016 year has prepared for you a lot of changes, do not be afraid to change! Afterwards, the year will surprise you with a turbulent personal life, full of romance, intimacy and trust between partners. Winter will put the things right – whether a separation or a everlasting union. In midsummer, the Fire Monkey inspire love, but your morbid desire to realize yourself will hinder this, making this difficult and making difficult the life of people close to you, and jealousy may even cause to lose them – do not make stupid things about which you will later regret. In principle, the financial success in 2016 will not be a problem for you because it is caused by your own work. You can’t get used to this, so in this respect, this will be a good year. Don’t contrive some projects in winter – better set your goals for the future. February, June and October can affect your views on how to make money and it is possible that you will dramatically change the social circle in order to fulfill yourself. The second half of the summer is favorable for new beginnings, travels and buying a car. Just dare!


Who else if not a reliable partner will help to understand all the twists and turns of your own soul? March is the time of romance, when, after the cold winter, not only the climate, but also, perhaps the soul, will warm each other. Yes, winter will not be easy, but try to hold together. If you’re still alone, then in May the stars can give you a date with the betrothed. July will also give you new social units, or will fill your life with meetings with  extraordinary, talented characters. If you want the financial year was a success, from the month of February, without delay, proceed to the implementation of individual projects: the Fire Monkey will contribute that each of them was successful. Despite the fact that on the way you’ll experience competition and intrigues of envious, this will only make you stronger, and eventually you will still come out a winner. The stars indicate that you expect large gains particularly in the real estate transactions. If the independent swimming in the sea of ​​business is not for you, then expect some tempting offers for place of work change from the beginning of 2016 and until the end of spring.


You have a striving trend to always finish what you have previously started. Although, in the near future, the 2016 horoscope for this sign clearly shows that you will have to limit your endeavor. On the contrary, bring to an end what you have started earlier – the success is guaranteed. Your inner feelings, reassessment of values ​​and personality changes, of course, affect your love life rhythm. Partners will have to experience pressure from your side not only once and confuse concentration with coldness. In January, spouses will have a serious talk, and if they will manage come to a common denominator, then all the rest of the time this marriage will experience only happiness and harmony. Those who are languishing in solitude should wait for the middle of summer: the stars are preparing a fateful encounter. The financial horoscope predicts you to be patient. Before the middle of the summer do not even think to break away from your home. Especially because the stars promise a salary increase at the end of summer. The further – the better: money promises to be more and it would be easier to find a good job, to start your own business, especially in autumn.


In the coming year, raise the bar to the maximum height – The 2016 horoscope for Sagittarius clearly demonstrates that you will reach it. In the first half of the year, the love relationship can face complications associated with financial difficulties. If in your couple reigns mutual understanding and respect, this difficult period will pass without any loss to you both. No – it can put an end to the relationship. Instead the second half of the summer is full of romance, candy flower dates and even resort novels. Stars advise you to spend more time in the community, because you are full with good luck, and it is known, that this has the ability to appeal to others, especially the opposite sex. New acquaintances are possible in January, the first half of the spring, late summer and almost all autumn. And if you decide to legalize the relationship with your beloved, then there is not better time than in May or August. The financial year of the Fire Monkey will be without any ups and downs. In winter, the stars are clearly not on the side of your career that’s why you shouldn’t put many efforts in that. In spring, be prepared for colleagues intrigue and gossip, but the White Moon will protect you. Sagittarius will be especially lucky if engaged in creative work, medicine, working in the field of services and entertainment. Real estate projects, plans for the building are favorable in the coming year.


As always, the utmost importance for you is the family and children. Only by having a reliable rear, you are able to send your own “workaholism” in the right direction. And even if someone may seem that you are “a cold fish” stars know exactly how important is for Capricorns this feeling called love. Love horoscope for 2016 promises quite turbulent emotions, especially in the cold, snowy months. Do you want your partner to have an hostile attitude towards all the rough edges of your nature? Then in spring and summer give your soul mate the feel that for you she/he is a gift of fate. If you are just in search, the beginning and the end of summer is the best time for a new perspective in terms of love. The same period stars advice to take as the most favorable for recreation. The fiscal year will be full of changes and growth. In winter, the stars give you the chance to prove yourself as a true professional. Your earnings in the first half are directly dependent on the knowledge and experience, that is the professionalism. Be disciplined and careful, selective in deposits and in collaboration. As usually, your intuition never fails, but you should know that in summer, the fire monkey is preparing an unpleasant surprise. Be careful.


The 2016 horoscope for Aquarius promises a space where they can fully use all their talents, guided, as always, only by intuition. Sociability is the new craving – all find their ecstasy, because the year of the Fire Monkey is rich in change and diversity. The love horoscope is really unexpected. Your desire for independence and freedom, in fact, rule out the jealousy. Tell me, which partner, particularly if it’s a man, is not thrilled by the prospect of such a relationship? If you do not have a partner – not a problem: embody your loneliness and unrealized desires in your work. Besides, heavenly office warns that the next year is not the best for you to enter into a marital relationship – the Black Moon and the stars say that you can make the wrong bet. But since the middle of summer, Jupiter prepares a date with someone who you really need. The fiscal year does not involve any radical changes in income sources and amounts of their receipt. Intuition never fails you, that is why colleagues call you lucky : you always do what the boss asks to do. Therefore, in winter, it is possible that some envious colleagues will try to exploit you or will defame your good name. Be careful, but at the same time, diplomatically – do not make a scene, especially at work. In most cases, you only cheat yourself and exaggerate – these are Black Moon’s intrigues. The best solution for you is to change the working conditions. If it allows, arrange to work remotely or with an ‘open-leave’ schedule. By the way, senior managers are inclinable towards you and especially in summer, they may well satisfy your request.


You are a true connoisseur of romance. And, perhaps, the word “love” is for you not just six letters, but something much more. The 2016 Love Horoscope for Pisces promises a rich and tumultuous personal life. It is your softness, sensuality that attracts admirers like bees to honey. The first half will be bright in love experiences. In the second half of the year, past relationships will appear on the horizon, but you will confidently put an end. In the coming year,  marriage relationships will stable as never before, the only thing is that they’ll have to work a little on mutual understanding in February, June and October. The Financial horoscope for Pisces is quite good. Show more ingenuity and resourcefulness as never before: they will bring you the greatest benefit, especially in mid-summer. In the first half, either do not mess with other people’s money, or be very careful with yours, because some misunderstandings and unpleasant situations connected with them can not be excluded. This time also threatens with the rejection of your duties. Be the master of yourself and work. Dismissal will definitively not bring inner satisfaction and financial well-being. It is better to learn how to handle money, because you know that this is your weak point, is not it?

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