2016 Financial Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs

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Generally, the 2016 financial horoscope is positive for all zodiac signs. Of course, the stars are always ready to help people, especially those who are really making efforts to achieve their own goals. So, what should expect representatives of each of the zodiacal circle in the year of 2016, the year of the Fire Monkey?

Money Horoscope 2016

Financial Horoscope 2016


Luck will not pass by Aries and will smile them in the coming 2016 year! Particularly, luck awaits those who work for themselves (businessmen, representatives of creative professionals, freelancers). However, despite the positive forecasts, stars recommend to refrain from large expenses in the period from mid-February until late April.

Stars strongly advise to learn how to save a part of the income and to not waste money recklessly. In autumn,  they’re advised to refrain from finding a new job, it is wiser to do that at the end of the year.


The financial happiness will come to all Taurus in the year of 2016. Money will practically fall almost from the sky. Those born at the end of April until mid-May can not even think about saving money. All last year, they have worked tirelessly, so this year they are expecting for money addition. Stars advise to be sure to spend some of the earned capital on a well-deserved rest. In Summer, they may need funds, but they should exclude the option to take out loans, this is highly undesirable.


Planets and stars highly recommend that all members of this zodiac sign to as soon as possible “to start over.” They shouldn’t be afraid to do that because this is something they already have experienced in their life! Changing jobs or new business will help them get out to the desired level, predicts the financial horoscope. The main thing is always to keep the confidence and firmness of their own decisions, and they’ll definitively make it. This year, Gemini can also solve inheritance and property issues.

Caution: avoid accepting questionable offers of light earnings. Issues related to taxes or duties must be solved by Autumn.


Cancers will probably experience a career promotion that will give them the opportunity to spend almost twice more than usual. However, they’re advised to be prudent, otherwise they’ll risk of being left with nothing. If there is the prospect of generating income by illegal means, avoid these possibilities, this is a bad option for Cancers. The best advisors in financial matters should be rationality, fairness and honesty.


For Leos, the first half will be financially a little complicated. The money horoscope promises them to increase their assets by focusing primarily on work. Active work will provide a steady source of income, but they’ll have to forget about luxury and entertainment for a while. Instead the second half of the year promises a holiday that will always be on their side. Avoid unnecessary foolish spending. They can take Leos away from growing their wealth.


Virgos should trust fate, with minimal effort. The cash flow will be inexhaustible and almost constant. The impression is that the universe itself takes the hand of representatives of this zodiac sign and take them on track. Stars advise to properly organize their activities and to develop and expand their business. In the Spring, there is a probability of a property purchase  – that’s what the Financial horoscope tell us.


The financial horoscope recommends Libra to determine the vocation. Hard work and perseverance promise huge profits, but more importantly, they’ll bring ideas to the end. In the coming year, Libra will have to work very hard. Heavenly Office recommends not to delay the case “for later”, take up any activity, and express on all areas. The result will be stunning and Libra will be proud to see the fruits of their efforts this year and declare that all fulfilled purposes – are their own personal achievement.


From this point of view, nothing will change for this zodiac sign. However, this has its advantages. They’ll always know how many and where are money spent, respectively, they can always count correctly their income and expenditures. Stability is the principal motto of this year. In order not to face the financial turmoil, Scorpio should concentrate and find new perspectives. In summer, these kind of perspectives will be few. Do not miss your chance!


Sagittarius will allow theirself to make a magnificent gift – whether it’s car or a trip to distant lands. Do not hesitate, sometimes you have to spend money on pleasures. Stars love Sagittarius in 2016. Despite the global wastes in the coming year, their funds will only grow. However, stars still recommend to postpone some of the money, because in such a successful financial year they can save money for something very significant.


The financial horoscope  does not promise Capricorn an easy year. There will be many temptations of investment risks, but do not look for easy ways, which are fraught with the loss of everything. As always, Capricorn should only rely on themselves, that, in fact, is inherent in the people of this zodiac sign. Toward the end of the summer, their cash flow will dramatically increase its contents, and this will please the patient Capricorns. In summer, some of this zodiac sign can count on the long-awaited return of debts.


Aquarius finally come out from a series of misfortunes, and in winter, many of them will get the financial freedom. If there is such aspect in your plans, you can start your own business. It will all depend on you. The stars are on your side, so you need piece of mind to approach to any business. The result of the effort will not take long. By the end of winter they’ll feel the rush of a nice cash flow.


For Pisces, the 2016 financial year will not be easy, as they will have to work hard, relying only on themselves. The main thing for Pisces is the right start. If the beginning of the year would be successful, then that means that in the coming months they’ll also be expected only by luck. If successful, the personal horoscope of representatives of this zodiac sign will be able to save on acquiring an apartment, a car or an expensive trip. So everything is in their hands!

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